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Episode Eight: "Lost Phone / Found Taxi" - Wesley caters at the New York Times, loses his phone in the Lower East Side, and tries to find a taxi home. Also includes a lesson on how to hail a taxi cab, things Wesley is over (Foursquare), and a commercial on how many fries $4 can buy in NYC. 9/21/2010

Episode Seven: "Gaycation!" - Wesley goes on a weekend trip to Provincetown, Mass., tries on a dashiki at work, and ends up on the Empire Hotel rooftop after hours by himself. 9/7/2010

Episode Six: "Yelo Spa / Yellow Stains" - Wesley is on the news in Russia with "Thirties Forever", he attacks the yellow armpit stains on his shirt, and he goes to Yelo spa to take a nap. 8/31/2010

Episode Five: "Back to Reality" - Wesley finishes "Thirties Forever" and heads back to work. Plus he takes an end of the summer trip to Coney Island. 8/24/2010

Episode Four: "Take Me Out..." - Wesley goes to the Yankees vs. Red Sox game, continues rehearsals for "Thirties Forever", and visits Pop Tart World. 8/17/2010

Episode Three: "No Work and All Play" - Wesley gets a break from catering when he starts full time rehearsals for a workshop of a new musical called "Thirties Forever" with Moscow Art Theatre. 8/10/2010

Episode Two: "An Audition, An Interview, and a U-Haul" - Wesley auditions for the New York Musical Theatre Festival, interviews for an internship with Ken Davenport, and drives a U-Haul around Manhattan. 8/3/2010

Episode One: "Gym Challenge" - Wesley tries to get back in shape by going to the gym 7 times in 7 days. 7/27/2010